Theophany, River Blessings, and Baptisms

"Before Thee tremble all the Powers endowed with intelligence. The sun sings unto Thee. The moon glorifies Thee. The stars meet together before Thy presence. The light obeys Thee. The deeps tremble before Thee. The water- springs are subject unto Thee. Thou hast spread out the heavens like a curtain. Thou hast established the earth upon the waters. Thou hast set round about the sea barriers of sand. Thou hast shed abroad the air for breathing."

We had a busy weekend at St Tikhon celebrating the feast of Theophany. On the day of the Feast, we processed to Coolidge Park beneath the Market St Bridge to bless the TN River. Our two fearless parishoners, Caleb and Levi, braved freezing temperatures in order to retrieve the cross from the downstream current.

Sunday continued our festal celebration with the baptism of Caleb and Jacki's son Nazareth John. It was a weekedn filled with joy and celebration!

Great art Thou, O Lord, and marvelous are Thy works, and there is no word which suffices to hymn Thy wonders!

River Blessing on Theophany

Baptism of Nazareth John Rexford