8th Day Prayers and Home Blessing

"O Lord our God, we entreat You, and we supplicate You, that the light of Your countenance be signed on this, Your servant, John, and that the Cross of Your Only-begotten Son be signed in his heart and understanding, so that he may flee from the vanity of the world and from every evil snare of the enemy, and may follow after Your commandments."-Prayer from the 8th Day Naming of the Child

In the Tradition of the Orthodox Church, a child — male or female — is named formally on the eighth day after birth, following the example of our Lord. Fr Seth was able to visit the Rexfords and the newborn Nazareth John to do both the 8th day naming, as well as the blessing of their new home. They have given their son the name John, after St John the Merciful. More on this saint's life can be found here: The Life of St John the Merciful